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Frankly tasty
Here's a dog-lover's guide to the best in town - whether spicy, corny, chili or plain
By Dennis R. Getto
Journal Sentinel restaurant critic (1999)
At Sammy's Taste of Chicago, we may be an "All American Hot Dog Stand", but our locations also offer Bratwurst, Polish Sausages, Italian Beef and a nice selection of Burgers and Subs and other Grilled Sandwiches. Stop in today to see what Sammy's can do for you - and your tastebuds!
Sammy's Taste of Chicago

 In 1990, he opened his first restaurant in West Allis. There's often a long line of business people waiting to place their lunch orders. In that past year, Sammy's also expanded to provide more seats for fanciers of the stand's Vienna Red Hots and other sandwiches.

 Two weeks ago, Bohringer opened his second location - a shiny, classic hot dog restaurant done in mustard yellow and ketchup red - on Highway 100 just south of Silver Spring.

 Although Chicago-style dogs are the main attraction, Sammy's offers a number of variations, including a kraut dog and a chili dog with mustard. It's the same way chili dogs are served in Cincinnati (a town known for its chili) and at several stands in Chicago.

 Sammy's also serves the best corn dogs in town - slightly sweet and delivered to you fresh from the fryer. They are the perfect commuter food: You can eat them easily in a car without fear of spraying mustard all over your clothes. You don't even have to get your hands dirty.

*Sammy's Taste of Chicago no longer uses Vienna Beef - now using our very own 'Sammy's Windy City Dogs'
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